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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn tells the story about a boy name Huck Finn living near the Mississippi River. The short stories first tell about how he has to live with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson because he Pap drowned and died. As he is living with the Widow he has to live her ways, being “sivilized”. But Huck is used to being free, doing what he wants, cursing, smoking, and just being a kid. He can not stand being sivilized he wants to run away, but his friend Tom Sawyer convinced him to stay at the Widows house. At first Tom and Huck found money laying a cave. But because Tom wants Huck to stay at the Widows house is because he can join a “band of robbers”. To join Toms band of robbers they have to write his name in blood. And if any of the members talk about their gang, they would have to exclude one of their family member. The book goes on with Huck’s Pap taking him away, faking his own death, and running away with an unlikely character in the book.

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